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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Emacs 22

This weekend I upgraded to Emacs 22 from rawhide. This was painless — and thank goodness, since the new gnus updated my setup, so there is no going back. So far it looks awesome. Gnus is noticeably faster. That alone was worth the upgrade. Now that emacsclient supports –eval I went ahead and configured Mozilla […]

Pure Poetry

Elyn wrote a haiku the other day: Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha

Emacs Update

I know you couldn’t possibly get bored by another Emacs post. Emacs is really the one thing I come back to when I want to hack joyfully. Other things are interesting or relevant, but I find Emacs fun. How could I have missed goto-address for so long? This command will buttonize URLs in a buffer; […]

ELPA Update

I rewrote the ELPA web page the other day. Now it should be clearer about how to get your Emacs Lisp packages into the archive. I’ve also added a news section and uploaded a few more useful major modes. Emacs Lisp package authors, please send me your code. I will upload it right away (I […]

Cool GCC Patch

This is the most intruiging GCC patch I’ve seen for a while. It adds a customizable static checker to GCC, based on the mygcc work. I haven’t read the patch yet, or tried it out, and it went by on the list with little fanfare… much less than it deserves. Static analysis in the compiler […]

Cool Emacs Trick

I looked around for valgrind integration into Emacs recently but I didn’t see anything out there. I had a great idea! — compilation-mode should integrate with shell-mode so I can run valgrind and then next-error will walk through the problems. Well, it turns out this idea is so great that it has been implemented already. […]


Last week was the Conference on World Affairs. I generally try to make it to a few sessions, but this year it overlapped with other plans. I even missed the movie (Chinatown), though Ebert was out sick, so it probably wasn’t as entertaining as usual. Still, I did manage to make it to a few […]

Lost in La Mancha

Elyn doesn’t really enjoy documentaries, so I don’t watch them as often as I’d like. However, Steve and Chrissy came over the other night, and as far as I can tell they only watch documentaries, so we ended up watching Lost in La Mancha. This movie records Terry Gilliam’s attempt to film his version of […]

Web App Musings

Recently I’ve been tinkering with my little Javascript game (not quite ready for public release, sorry), and other web apps. While aspects of Javascript suck, and the platform variance definitely sucks, it is a reasonable language overall. Given current implementations I think it still would not be my language of choice for writing a big […]

Whither Movies?

Benjamin has been asking me about my mini movie reviews, and I’ve been basically ignoring him. The sad truth is, the movie situation in Boulder sucks right now. They’re building a new movie theater at 29th Street (which is what replaced the old mall), but it won’t be done for months and months. However, anticipating […]