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Category Archives: GCC

GCC and Python

When writing an earlier post, I realized I haven’t yet written about the Python plugin for GCC. This is awesome! It is by far the simplest way to write a GCC plugin. The primary reason is that the author, the amazing David Malcolm, has put a lot of effort into the polish: this plugin is […]

GCC Summit News

Right now I’m at the GCC Steering Committee Q&A panel at the summit.  There’s a new draft out of the GCC runtime license (used by libgcc, libgcj, etc).  The latest text allows for the development of GCC plugins — folks are already talking about review of the patch and how soon it can be merged […]

This Year’s T-Shirt

You can see this year’s unofficial GCC t-shirt here.  As it turns out, it fit in nicely with Ian’s second (surprise) talk about using C++ in GCC.

C++ Standard

I love patches like this one. This is a change to libstdc++ to reflect changes made at the lastest standard committee meeting. I think the meeting ended yesterday… a little slow, perhaps; I think last time I saw commits immediately after a vote concluded.

GCC Summit

Next week is the GCC Summit, in Ottawa. I’ll be giving a talk there about my work on the incremental compiler. That will be fun, but what I’m really looking forward to is seeing all the other GCC hackers I know. There are plenty of interesting talks on the schedule, and some cool BOFs; plus […]

GCC Shirt

Thanks to Elyn, my t-shirt design from last year’s GCC Summit is now available. I made a new GCC t-shirt yesterday, but you’ll have to wait for the summit to see it.

Codegen Update

Since my last post, I’ve written a prototype implementation of relinking for the incremental compiler. Now, the compile server will create an object file in a cache directory. If there was a previous variant of the compiled file in the cache, it will then link the two together (using ld -r). Then, the final object […]

First Codegen Result

I tidied up my initial draft of incremental code generation so that it no longer gratuitously lowers functions which are not being recompiled. This was enough to get some results — results which are semi-bogus, due to not relinking, but which nevertheless give some idea of what can be expected. Compiler Seconds Trunk 33 Incremental, […]


The last couple weeks uncovered a few problems in the incremental compiler. First, suppose you compile a program with the incremental compiler, then recompile it. You would expect to get the same warnings as well. But — whoops — I never thought about this until a week or two ago. I hate that awful moment […]

Compile Server Scalability

There are a few aspects to compile server scalability that are important to address. First, and most obviously, memory use. Because we want to be able to send real programs through the compile server, and because we want it to remain live for relatively long periods of time, it is important that memory use be […]