I finally got around to trying gold (the new linker) for real.  Today I built it and tried linking gdb.  Sure enough, it is a lot faster — it was more than twice as fast at linking gdb as the F9 system linker.  The link went from 48 seconds to 22 seconds.

It is very simple to build and use.  Just check out binutils and configure with --enable-gold.  Then build and install it, put it in your path, and you’re done.

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  • I’ve been using gold for awhile now and it is definitely nice. I often wonder if other projects would benefit from the advantages of using C++, GCC even.

  • But don’t they know C++ is slow? Just kidding… 😉

  • That’s why they write it all in Python. So bugs write by themselves and run even slower… 😉

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