Japi Update

A quick update on Classpath… a few days ago we hit 96%
of 1.4
without much fanfare. Seeing as we were at 92% just a
month ago… you do the math.

Of course, that is 1.4. How are we doing against 1.5, the target
that really matters these days? That is harder to say. Comparing
cvs head to 1.5
shows us at 87%, while comparing
the generics branch
shows us at 85%. These measure different
things, though — the latter includes generics information in its
comparison, but on the other hand the trunk tends to have fewer
missing methods (most development takes place there and merges to the
generics branch are relatively infrequent). I’ll take another look at
this after the next merge. Note also that one of the biggest “red”
chunks for 1.5, javax.management, is implemented by mx4j (at least, for the
purposes of folks who don’t mind mixing the Apache and Classpath

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