When Robots Attack

Tonight we got one of the famed McCain robo-calls.  Living as we do in a swing state, I’m a bit surprised it didn’t happen earlier.

As these calls go, it wasn’t too bad.  There was only one lie, by omission.

What is weird is that, first, we’re registered Democrats.  Second, we voted by mail more than two weeks ago.  You’d think they would not have bothered.


  • You sai you think they would not have bothered. Does that mean you expect a political campaign to know both these facts? I got the impression these robo-calls are done at random.

    How does registration as Democrat an voting by mail work? I am surprised either of these would be done in a way that would give that data to the McCain campaign in a way that could be linked to your private phone number. Or is this data plus your phone number part of the public record that everybody could get their hands on?

  • Was there ominous background music?

  • Mark — party registration is part of the public record. So is the history of which elections you have voted in. What I remember from looking at this a little is that you can pay the Boulder County Clerk $15 and get a CD with a dump of their database, which has names, registrations, voting history for a few years, and address. You can go to a web site and enter some info and see if you’ve voted. It is not particularly secure. This is how we know that our ballots made it to the clerk’s office.

    I think they make a new database dump available every week. And, supposedly the national parties track all kinds of info about people in their databases. Surely they can connect my voter record to my phone number, which is listed.

    Graydon — nope. That would have been great, though. Maybe the Darth Vader leitmotif.

  • I don’t recall McCain calling, but I get a couple of calls from Barack every day, and yesterday Michelle called too. Very annoying. Of course we have voted already.

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