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Yesterday I set up a new blog aggregator for Elyn. It is called “All About Psychotherapy and Counseling“, and aggregates blogs from various therapists, including her.

Setting this stuff up is pretty easy — I used WordPress, because the hosting service makes it very, very easy to install, and because Elyn already knows how to use it. Then she found a WordPress theme she liked; I installed that and tweaked it a bit with some newfound PHP knowledge. And finally, I installed the excellent FeedWordPress plugin to handle the actual aggregation. There were a couple tricky bits — I had to use a trick to get the author attribution to work properly (I don’t know yet if this is a FeedWordPress problem or a blogspot problem) — but nothing too extreme.

I’m a fan of WordPress.

Go read the new planet.

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  • My husband is awesome! I and all these other therapists are in awe of what he just did for us. I thought I might also mention that the inspiration for doing this in the first place was Planet Classpath.

  • Hi,

    Since you mention it, I thought you might be interested to know (if you don’t already) that the problem you noticed with mis-attribution of authors has been fixed in the most recent release of FeedWordPress, version 2008.1105.

    (If you’re curious, the problem was more of a relationship problem between FeedWordPress and BlogSpot than a problem exclusively with either. If FeedWordPress can’t find a syndicated author in the WordPress database by name, it then looks for someone with a matching e-mail address before it goes ahead to create a new user account. Unfortunately BlogSpot uses a single generic e-mail address for every user who does not want their own e-mail address listed ( So older versions of FeedWordPress took the matching e-mail addresses to indicate that the authors were the same person. The newer version is more circumspect; there’s a list of generic e-mail addresses that it doesn’t take to uniquely indicate the author of the post. (By default, the list consists entirely of “” But if you notice this issue coming up with other generic e-mail addresses, you can add them under Syndication :: Authors.)

    Hope this helps!

    Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson
    Author, FeedWordPress

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