Frysk Hacking

You may have heard that I’ve moved to the Frysk project for a while. In case you’re curious, my incremental compiler project is on hold while I do this. (I’ve lamely not blogged about the gcc summit or other things that have happened lately… I’m trying to catch up on this stuff, I hope when I do you won’t mind a bit of old news.)

Anyway, we’ve started the process of changing frysk’s direction. You can read about what we’re planning in this post on the frysk list; feel free to respond — we want your input. Essentially, we’re looking at changing some aspects of the implementation, and more explicitly making it be a debugger.

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  • Debugger, smebugger 🙂

    Good luck with working on frysk. And enjoy having something new to play with 🙂

  • Tom

    I can understand getting into new project and the needed change. I hope, though, that you will continue your GCC incremental project. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. My code is 9.6 meg and growing. Takes forever to link.

    Anyway, thanks for the work you’ve done already.


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