• I saw the post, and tried to come up with an interesting use of it but couldn’t. Do you have any use cases in mind at all? 🙂

    – Chris.

  • My problem is that I’m not sure what useful things are exported via dbus.

    Maybe I could query NetworkManager for the network status, and have gnus automatically adjust?

    I thought I heard talk of changing the panel to use dbus rather than corba for applets. In that case I could rewrite my various status.el hacks to use dbus instead of my hacked version of zenity.

    I really ought to spend some time digging around to see what else is actually sitting on the bus…

  • You could write an Emacs frontend to pidgin (formerly gaim). I can’t think of much else. Maybe control a window manager?

  • The reason why I love to hear that emacs can use dbus is that I would like to have communication between evince and emacs in a bidirectional way. With this you can select a part in the pdf and see where it comes from in an Latex file or you can select some part of the latex document and see where it relates to in the pdf.
    I think this would be a good use (emacs -> xpdf can be done one-way, but evince is the default Gnome viewer and bidirectional would be much better)

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