Fedora 8

Anthony was in town this past Thursday, and after talking to him I was inspired to follow his example and upgrade to Fedora 8. Like him, I did a live upgrade; but I only upgraded my laptop, which was running Fedora 7. My main machine still runs 6… I’m more cautious about upgrading it, but after playing with Fedora 8 a bit, I can feel the pressure rising.

The biggest change I’ve noticed so far is the inclusion of IcedTea. I’m happily using the browser plugin for the all-important chess applet.

Speaking of which… I’ve been looking at other brower plugins lately. Any reports on the flash support in Fedora 8? I’m using the (boo hiss) proprietary flash plugin right now. Also, any experiences with Firebug or Adblock?

I’m impressed with the Fedora maintainers. They manage to release a solid operating system every six months… not an easy task. Upgrades for me have always gone pretty smoothly; I’ve done a mix of upgrades from CD and yum upgrades, and haven’t been burnt (a couple minor singes, but always known bugs with simple fixes). Also, each release has had some compelling benefit making me want to upgrade.

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  • There’s no free Flash plugin (like Gnash) with F8. Flash 9 from Macromedia works fine though. Adblock Plus works great also. F8 is very impressive and I give kudos to the Fedora maintainers for such an impressive release! Thanks!

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