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Elyn’s new web site for her therapy practice is up and running. We’ve read (mostly in Psychotherapy Networker) that a web site is the second most important advertising resource for therapists, after word-of-mouth. The days of people looking for therapists in the phone book are over… another little detail of how the internet has changed things.

I thought I’d do my part and link to her. If you’re near Boulder, and want a therapist, and don’t know either of us personally, give her a call :-). She’s also started a therapy-related blog, the link is in my blogroll.

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  • Unusually tasteful web site! Good luck, Elyn & Tom.

  • Thank you, Frank!

  • I agree that the web site is very nice.

    At the first of pointing out the very obvious, it’s probably worth doing a search for something like “therapist Boulder Colorado” to see how high your web page shows up. On Google I see a lot of sponsored results for that search. Your web page doesn’t show up, but, then it is new. On the other hand http://www.networktherapy.com/directory/therapist_results.asp?c1=Boulder&c3=CO does show up, and you are listed there.

    I’m running a small Google AdWords campaign for my wife’s interior design service. Unfortunately it hasn’t been very useful, as the only people who send messages are people trying to sell her services.

  • Hi Ian-
    The next step for the site is to do all the google-ads stuff and more. The guy who did my site also does consulting for that (www.yourgoogleguy.com), and so this should help with that.
    Also, have you heard of Yelp.com? Your wife might do a self-review for her business there- I did that, and it puts me really high on results pages for “Boulder Therapist” etc. Also, it is addictive, because you can review any business you want to.

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