Dessert Sushi

dessert sushi

We’ve been making (vegetarian) sushi lately and a month ago or so I had the idea to make dessert sushi. “I’m a top-chef-worthy genius,” I thought. “Gordon Ramsay will never call me a donkey!”

Of course then I googled and found that only a couple million people did this first. Then when he was visiting, Manu bought us a veggie sushi book and it has a whole section on dessert sushi. On my birthday we made some; the above photo shows a few — some with mango and kiwi, some with chocolate shavings and raspberry, and some with chocolate sauce.

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  • …and we made ice cream sushi!

  • Hi Elyn, hi Tom,

    Glad to hear some good news from the 2 of you.
    Good that you made desert sushi, excellent. These look really nice.

    Anyway, another time to say that it was really nice spending time with the 2 of you, at Boulder Republic and round the rocky mounts near Boulder.

    Look forward to seing you in Paris, see Monet’s house for instance etc… We’ll try to look for a desert susi restaurant in Paris, see whether’s one.

    Tschuss, à bientôt,

    > E_manuel

    PS: lovely blog…

  • Zis is a message ferom Jean-Jean !
    Hello To Tom & Elyn,

    Jean-Jean Swasigue

    PS : reread with strong French Accent…

  • There’s another name for a select subset of dessert sushi, frushi. (Fruit + sushi.) I have yet to be especially impressed by the result, but maybe I need to go to some top-chef hideaway, high in the colorado mountains, and do it right.

    I still think raw carob type desserts with coconut are better, but whatever. Hell, anything with coconut…


    ps. sushi ba in the 16th!!!! take out only

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