GCC Summit + Fedora 7

I’m headed to the GCC Summit this week, with a trip to the office in Toronto thrown in.

In preparation for the trip, I posted a short note about the incremental compiler project to the GCC list. These posts are always a bit stressful, since I spend a few hours checking email and waiting anxiously for flames. But, as usual, little happened; you can check the (non-) responses for yourself. Wouldn’t the wisdom not to worry be nice?

I also prepared by upgrading my laptop to Fedora 7. The pre-preparation for this was a pain — but it was also all my fault, since I’d installed an ill-advised mishmash of random things either for development testing (new Eclipse and gcj) or for my own enjoyment (Emacs 22).

Fedora 7 is quite nice. The fonts look prettier. The icons are prettier (except, strangely, the rhythmbox icon). powertop is cool. This time around I couldn’t find a CD download (only DVD), and I didn’t want to risk a yum upgrade, so I downloaded the network install CD, booted it, and did an upgrade that way. This went smoothly; my only complaint was that I picked the wrong mirror at first (one seemingly without the necessary tree) and spent some time checking and rechecking URLs before catching on. This could perhaps be done a bit more smoothly somehow.

I haven’t had a chance yet to use Fedora 7 in anger, but so far I’m already happy with the upgrade. It went smoothly and I already see benefits; for instance madwifi seems to work with NetworkManger now.

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