Post Java One

I’m back from Java One — what a crazy week!

I’m a bit wary of thanking people; there are many people deserving appreciation and I would hate to leave someone out. I suppose I must try, and bear the consequences. So, special thanks to Tom Marble, Onno Kluyt, Rich Sands, Mark Reinhold, Simon Phipps, and Bruno Souza — each of them made a special effort to include us free software hackers in the cool behind-the-scenes goings-on.

I was also happy to meet and talk to many people while there: Per Bothner, Chris Oliver, Casey Marshall (finally! But I’m sad to say there are still a few gcj developers I have not met), Glynn Foster (nice guy — I meant to meet him for a beer at this one party but failed), Jeff Bailey, David Daney, Ean Schussler (always fun!), Erinn Clark, Jacob Applebaum, Ian Taylor, Tom Baxter (long time no see!), Roland McGrath, David Herron, Peter Ahé, Andre Burgoyne, and Johanna Neaderhouser. Whew. Actually I was introduced to many more people (Eben Moglen, James Gosling, John Cage, Neal Gafter, … to drop some names) but the former are the folks I actually had conversations with. And, yes, it was as overwhelming as you might imagine, especially if you are essentially an introvert, as I am.

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  • I was in SF at the time of JavaOne but for some completely unrelated business — after reading previous posts from you mentioning your hectic schedule I dropped plans of showing up to say `Hi!’.

    Next time maybe…

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