Java One

Java One is huge, much huger than I’d imagined. The opening keynote had a steady stream of corporate luminaries onstage to talk about their Java-related plans. Many thanks to Bruno for saving us some great seats — and also to Tom Marble for making the effort to include me in the various goings on.

The big news is that OpenJDK sources are available, and that Dalibor is on the initial OpenJDK governance board. Next step: replace the remaining binary blobs with free software.

Also today they announced a big new initiative around F3, which has been re-branded “Java FX Script”. Sun continues to surprise — this is a cool project but I did not expect such a big push for it. I met Chris Oliver today (interesting guy) and also saw Per Bothner; it turns out that Per works on F3 now, writing a compiler to turn F3 scripts into JVM bytecodes.

Tons more has happened, too much to write about really. I did want to mention that Sun has also impressed me with their environmental committments. I’ve heard several times how Sun servers are friendlier (my understanding is that this applies to the manufacturing process) then competing servers, and also there was some talk (though I lost a bit of context) about having the conference be carbon neutral.

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  • > also there was some talk (though I lost a bit of context) about having the conference be carbon neutral.

    It’d be interesting to hear more. Claims of being able to pay a small amount of money to make a plane trip carbon-neutral are always almost bogus; paying a large amount might be less so. I think we should challenge what this means when a company uses it, though it’s obviously a nice sentiment.

    – Chris.

  • A few folks I asked agreed that they were also confused about what exactly was meant. However I recall Rich Green saying that the current costs per ton for carbon offset are vastly too low.

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