Sleep is Optional

Saturday night Onno or Tom (Marble) or Rich told me that, at JavaOne, sleep is optional. Then we promptly set about trying to live the dream, staying up until far too late talking and wandering San Francisco — a great time being had by all, or at least me. I finally got to meet Casey Marshall in person. Also Tom invited Erinn Clark, who is super cool. She in turn brought her friend Jacob (didn’t catch his last name) who took us on a fascinating and occasionally uncomfortable tour of his workplace.

My schedule for this week is completely packed — not just with JavaOne sessions (counting the BOFs, activities run until 11pm every night) but also visits with friends and colleagues in the Bay Area. One of the downsides of working remotely is that, when you do get together with people, you not only end up wanting to talk extensively to everyone, but also you’re typically out of practice in doing so…

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