Emacs 22

This weekend I upgraded to Emacs 22 from rawhide. This was painless — and thank goodness, since the new gnus updated my setup, so there is no going back. So far it looks awesome.

Gnus is noticeably faster. That alone was worth the upgrade.

Now that emacsclient supports --eval I went ahead and configured Mozilla to use Emacs for mailto: URLs — no more avoiding those. There’s a HOWTO here.

There’s a new image-viewing dired-like mode. That’s kind of silly but I imagine I will end up using it.

diary-from-outlook-gnus looks like a cute addition. There’s also some icalendar code in there. I don’t calendar much, and I doubt that anybody sends me outlook-formatted appointments. Too bad, really; machine-readable things like this are, one supposes, part of the basic promise of computers.

These are just a few random things I noticed… the NEWS file is 200k, and this is a major release. I haven’t really had an opportunity to use it in anger.

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  • It turns out there is a better utility in Emacs to handle mailto
    url. I use:


    emacsclient -e “(url-mailto (url-generic-parse-url \”$1\”))”

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