I’m in Cambridge visiting Andrew until tomorrow. Gary came up for a night as well.

I got so much spam on my blog these past few days that I think I’m going to install the hashcash plugin and require posters to use javascript.

I took notes at FOSDEM but I’m waiting until I get home to post them. It would be nicer to do this from the conference itself, but I’m always pretty tired and there’s no good time to do it.

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  • Tom, I can’t remember whether I sent you a previous comment, but the Akismet plugin for WordPress is simply primo. I hardly ever get spam any more — I think it’s caught something like 30,000 comments for me, dumps them to a trash bin, and holds things for about a week before it deletes them permanently. I highly recommend it.

  • Thanks. Bluehost has that one preinstalled but for some reason I never paid attention to it. I’ve enabled it now.

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