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It is French comedy week at IFS.

On Wednesday we went to see Les Bronzés. This has been on my list of films to see for a few years; Video Station doesn’t have it. I suppose I should have been warned by the English title, “French Fried Vacation”. Anyway, it was a very 70s, plotless sex comedy set at a tropical resort. It was not very funny.

Last night we went to see Bernie. But after a few scenes of violence, we left. I hate going to a movie expecting one thing, and then getting something very different. This was much too dark for the mood we were in.

So, we watched Trekkies on DVD instead. This is a sweet film that made me feel a bit better about humanity again.

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  • Maybe we (French and American) don’t have the same sens of humour, but Les Bronzés is a very funny film, still extremely popular.

  • Yeah, we thought maybe that one was funnier in French. I did notice there are 2 sequels to it, so somebody must have enjoyed it 🙂

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