To say nothing of the dog…

I checked this book out from the library because it had won a Hugo award. I was delightfully surprised.

This book is a genre-bending mix of science fiction (the sci-fi elements were quite light), historical fiction, mystery, and romance, with a bit of humor thrown in. I thought the writing was creative, witty, and entertaining.

I’d never heard of Connie Willis before; I’ll have to read more of her work.

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  • She’s one of my favorite authors – especially Bellwether and The Doomsday Book. And pretty much everything else she’s written…

  • Read: doomsday book, short fiction (impossible things is the anthology I read). Some of her novellas are ok – light, enjoyable, forgettable. remake is good.

    Don’t read: passage. awful, repetitive, pointless book.

  • +1 on the Bellwether vote.

    Also, Remake is a lovely slap at Hollywood’s version of ‘creativity’ wrapped up in a moderately interesting plotline.

  • I really enjoyed The Doomsday Book. On the other hand, I couldn’t finish Lincoln’s Dreams.

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