• Hi Tom,

    I’ve done this several times myself (FC5->FC6 was smooth, though the FC4 -> FC5 upgrade was badly broken because there was a highly-depended-on package that actually had a newer version number in FC4 updates than in FC5 base). It’s really a much better way to go, and I wish that the Fedora team would promote, and test, this upgrade path more heavily. It’s much more efficient than having everyone download ISOs.

  • Yes, I agree; this is much friendlier than the other approaches.
    And, Debian provides a nice proof that it is possible 🙂

    One oddity for me is that I use a few non-standard repositories, which I typically disable — I only enable them when I specifically want to install something not from Fedora proper. During upgrades these outsider RPMs usually give dependency errors. I’d imagine thi s mode is common enough that some standard solution to it would have to be found.

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