I’m having a retro moment and I’m moving most of my desktop to Emacs. I suppose I do these odd experiments from time to time, trying out new things; new to me anyhow.

I finally have ERC set up to my liking on my secondary machine. I’ll move my main ircing over to that pretty soon.

I also installed BitlBee tonight. This is an irc server that talks to jabber (which is how I chat with Elyn), so I can just use ERC for all my chatting needs. I heard about BitlBee while digging through the Emacs Wiki. To my surprise it is already in Fedora Extras.

The Emacs Wiki is pretty fun. There’s all kinds of crazy Emacs stuff nowadays, e.g., EMMS, the Emacs answer for playing music.

After irc and jabber I think I’ll tackle my modest calendar needs. I never really got the hang of Emacs’ calendar mode, but I’m going to make another stab at it. With my zenity code I am unstoppable.

What’s left? Browsing is really out of the question — w3 mode exists but I never really liked it. I suppose I could try the emacs shell, but I don’t think I’m that hard core. Perhaps I’ll move my to-do list into Planner. Or I’ll try the BBDB/ERC interconnect, or blog writing from Emacs.

Another random idea is to make Fedora packages for all the Emacs stuff I’m using. I don’t know if I have the stamina for it though. It seems odd that at least BBDB doesn’t seem to be packaged.

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  • Thankyou so much! I had pretty much put emacs into the back burner for a while.. and was thinking hmmm do I really need to use this. Does anyone still use emacs? Does anyone still do .el? [All my old weblinks for emacs links were 404’d]

    And lo.. the light was shone upon me and I am off to the wiki to relearn how to use only one editor for my life.

  • I use Emacs for blogging via rst-mode and Atom Publishing Protocol. reStructuredText mode is incredibly nice in Emacs. It makes moinmoin any trac awesome b/c I can edit pages in reStructuredText and simply copy and paste into moinmoin or trac.

    I’ve yet to jump on the planner bandwagon and I made a go at using wunderlust(sp?) for email but it didn’t work out.

    Either way, moving as much as I can to Emacs has made Windows a bearable 🙂

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