In the Miso Soup

My friend David is a big fan of Haruki Murakami, so when I was at the library I picked up In the Miso Soup — a book by a completely different person who happens to share the same last name. If this were a movie I would describe it as Lost in Translation meets Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer; the whole time I was reading it I kept thinking “I didn’t realize David was into such bleak, dark stuff”. I got all the way through and started writing a blog entry about this before Wikipedia and Amazon clued me in to my mistake.

Now I’m reading a book by the author I intended to read the first time. I suppose there’s some lesson about books and covers in here somewhere.

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  • HA! I love this story, btw. Sorry we didn’t get to talk longer on the phone today. You must of thought I was some kind of sick fuck after reading the ‘other’ Hurakami!

    I put down my link here for my yoga blog. My fancy banner i made in photoshop suddently stopped working for some reason, I’ll have to look into that tomorrow.

    Let’s go get some coffee sometime soon and talk books, or whateve. Hope you are doing well!


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