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looks pretty nice; pity Mono didn’t take this route. I’m not sure
why you’d use this rather than LLVM though.

I’ve been using mock lately.
This is a nice tool that makes it easy to build an SRPM in a
particular environment. I’m trying to set up an auto-builder which
will build gcj from svn, then use the result to build all the
java-based RPMs in Fedora. The idea here is, continuous testing as
close to upstream as possible will let us avoid ugly regressions late
in the release cycle.

Aspect-Oriented C++.
Madness! But, I suppose, one more reason that one might want an API
to the compiler’s internals.

I didn’t realize this before, but Chandler also has a copy of
libgcj in it. I suppose this is for PyLucene… funny. Their plan
for integrating
into distros
mentions using the system libraries, python, etc… I
wonder if they know about the BC ABI.

I’ve been interested in Deming’s 14
lately. I’m particularly interested in number 8, “drive
out fear”, since it has a personal application, but really all of them
are worth a read and a think.

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