Free Java

RMS posted his Java
article. It is basically reasonable, the sorts of things
we’ve been talking about for a while. The reader comments are
amazingly trollish, about what I expect from the non-free Java world
these days. Personal favorite quote: “I mean, if GCJ is languishing
miserably and is continuing to bump along the bottom, that’s no one
else’s fault than the one of the bunch of idiots running that

Hello, fellow idiots. You know who you are.


Santa Fe was cool, and it was great seeing Mark again, but while
I was gone my dogs got into another fight and Maude had to go to the
vet again. So their difficult situation is getting worse 🙁

It mostly snowed while we were there so we stayed inside and read
a lot.


It should come as no surprise now that Bryce is working at Red
Hat. So, welcome Bryce. Now get to work!


While playing with monotone again, I discovered
that there are a couple of duplicated “,v” files in the Classpath CVS
repository. For instance, we have both
javax/swing/plaf/,v and
javax/swing/plaf/Attic/,v. I wonder how
that happened… it is a “shouldn’t happen” situation.

The Attic copies of the files look like ancient dead versions
that were deleted. Which makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is
that the files weren’t moved out of Attic when resurrected.

I’ve also heard that NetBSD uses a hacked CVS that will create
situations like this on purpose. I wonder what use that serves. If
you know, tell me about it.

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