Eclipse and Classpath

Tonight I set up Classpath as an Eclipse project. This was
pretty easy, really, just fiddling with exclusion filters and other
build trivia until it worked.

I had to make a couple little hacks to get this to work. In
particular I had to make my own by
hand. There are a few plausible approaches to making this work in a
nicer way, maybe I’ll investigate that.

Unfortunately, Eclipse doesn’t seem to share the per-project
compiler settings. If true, that seems like a nuisance since it means
that everyone will have to go through the settings by hand. The same
seems to be true for project-specific editor settings, e.g. tab stops.

The Eclipse Java compiler has a number of nice warnings that will
help us clean up some parts of Classpath a bit. I’ll have to remember
to steal these for gcjx.

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