More on Eclipse

I checked in a bunch of Eclipse-discovered Classpath cleanups
today. Fun.

I’ve also done a fair amount of Eclipse debugging. For various
reasons I don’t run FC 2 on my main machine, just on my old machine.
But it is old and doesn’t have enough memory; in fact, not enough
memory to run gdb on the gcj-compiled Eclipse. Sigh. So I’ve been
doing all my debugging remotely from Toronto, which is pretty


This weekend I’m going to North Carolina for a big Red Hat
meeting. That should be pretty interesting, I’m looking forward to
seeing some, um, comrades. Every time I go to one of these things I
think about reviving the free software movie… maybe next time.


I look at the D
Programming Language
a little, but stopped when I found out it
doesn’t support dynamic class loading. For me that is a very
interesting feature, basically required. I also think that the
ability to run untrusted code is cool, but in practice folks don’t
really seem to use it all that much. Also, nested
are gross, though D’s approach does remove some of the
implementation difficulties (scheme folks, go ahead and yell at me).

Still, overall D seems reasonable enough. With some minor-ish
changes it might be an acceptable Java/C# replacement for the free

I didn’t see any info about licensing on the web site, except for
a weird statement about intellectual property and patents. That’s a
bad sign.

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