Free Java Meetings

I just got back from the Red Hat world-wide meeting. That was
pretty cool, I met a lot of cool people, including many Java hackers,
talked to a lot of people I already knew, lost a lot of sleep, etc.
I also found out that I’m not the only Red Hatter in Colorado, which
is cool since it means I can get together with other folks to
complain from time to time 🙂

It turns out that some folks at Red Hat who did the recent “world
tour” event shot a lot of footage and are editing it into a movie. So
Red Hat is now officially making something approximating the movie
that the Red Hat Foundation rejected years ago… sigh.

GCC Summit

The GCC Summit is
fast approaching. I found out today that mjw will be there. A
lot of gcj folks will be there too, and hopefully gadek will be able to
make it. I really should finish that paper…


It turns out that there will be a session on “Open
Source Java”
at the upcoming O’Reilly open source conference.
Really there ought to be someone from the Free Java community on this
panel; as soon as I find some way to give feedback I’ll bring that up
with the conference folks.


At least one person from the gcj community ought to go to GUADEC and give a presentation on
gcj. If only we had figured this out before the paper submission
deadline. Perhaps we can get some sort of special dispensation.

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