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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Emacs and Threading, Take 2

I’ve recanted. Contrary to my earlier post on this topic, I now think implementing threading in Emacs is possible. A patch from Giuseppe Scrivano inspired me, and I started my own patch to do it. This was sort of fun. I wrote a batch script in elisp to rewrite some of the Emacs sources — […]

Man on Wire

This movie came recommended by my friend Dave Bourgeois. Awesome film! A documentary in the Errol Morris style; it managed to keep me in suspense until the end, even though I already knew how it ended.  Also, it had some extra emotional impact because the WTC played such a central role.

Emacs 23

Much to my surprise, the Fedora Emacs maintainers pushed Emacs 23 into the (ostensibly stable) Fedora 11 repository.  I was a bit afraid to upgrade, since Emacs really is the cornerstone of my entire workflow.  My desire for new features quickly overcame my fear, though. The first thing you will notice is that Emacs is […]

Wish List Item

I’ve been trying for a while to figure out how best to read blogs. Right now I use three different methods — I use iGoogle for some things, plain old web browsing for some, and then gnus for one feed.  What a pain!  I’ve also tried other readers in the past — a couple web-based […]


You may have noticed that I have not blogged for quite some time.  I’ve been otherwise engaged… Olive Emmanuelle Tromey was born May 1.  As you can see, she appears to have an outlook on life quite similar to Elyn’s and mine. We’ve been posting oodles of photos of her on facebook, so if you’re […]