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Monthly Archives: November 2008

3. gdb convenience functions

In the previous installment we found out how to write new gdb commands in Python.  Now we’ll see how to write new functions, so your Python code can be called during expression evaluation.  This will make gdb’s command language even more powerful. A longstanding oddity of gdb is that its command language is unreflective.  That […]

2. Writing a new gdb command

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wished you could write new commands in gdb.  Sure, there is the define command — which I’ve used heavily — but it has some annoying limitations.  For example, you can’t make new sub-commands using define.  Also, arguments to define are parsed oddly; you can’t have an argument that has […]

1. Installing a Python-enabled debugger

This is the first in what I hope will be a series on using the python-enabled gdb. We’ll start at the very beginning: checking it out, building it, and then “hello, world”. First, install the prerequisites — aside from the normal development stuff, you will need the python development packages.  You will also need git.  […]

Quantum of Solace

I don’t care what the critics say.  This was a solid action film that dispensed with most of the stuff I hate about Bond — the dumb lines, the invisible cars, the 50s concept of suave.  The plot was a bit undeveloped, but I managed to turn that into a plus by telling myself that […]

Gnome Tip

As usual, my upgrade to F9 brought with it some behind-the-scenes changes.  Sometimes these lurk for quite a while before I discover them. Tonight I clicked on a “mailto:” URL.  A while back I had configured firefox to open a new message buffer in Emacs when I did this; but to my surprise instead it […]

How to how-to?

Clearly, we need to publicize the gdb/python integration a bit more.  It is easy to get, and reasonably functional. I’ve been thinking a bit about how to get the word out better.  What is most effective?  Here are some ideas: A series of “how-to” blog entries (what do you want to do?) A “how-to” article […]

ELPA Update

I’ve been extremely flaky about ELPA lately, but the dam finally broke today, and I went through all my saved-up email and uploaded a bunch of packages.  Check it out. I found out recently that ELPA has a competitor, ELM.  Anybody tried this?  If so, let me know what you think — is it better […]


People were dancing in the streets in Boulder on Tuesday night.  The police shut down Broadway where it goes across the Pearl Street Mall. We went down around midnight or one.  The crowd was young, for the most part; college students and Obama volunteers. Still, I have never seen anything like that here since the […]