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Debugging the debugger

After working on gdb for a while, I’ve noticed a funny flaw: gdb is too good at debugging itself.

I often hear stories of disappointment from gdb users.  It doesn’t scale well.  It doesn’t handle threads well.  It only has a vague understanding of the C++ that users insist on typing at it.  That was my experience, too, when I was working on C++ (or worse: Java) programs.

But gdb itself doesn’t use any of these features.  It is written in more or less plain C.  It is single-threaded.  It is not too big.  It does not rely on many shared libraries.  So, as a gdb developer, I find it is pretty easy to forget that it has flaws.

I once heard about a C++ compiler written in C++ where, in order to counteract this same sort of problem, its developers mandated that the compiler use every existing C++ feature.

For fun try to picture code review on that project.  “Bob, this patch looks ok, but I think you should use operator overloading and exceptions here.”

That said, I think the “share the pain” theory is one reason — among several — to change gdb’s core to be implemented in C++.

Another way to combat complacency would be to debug other programs while working on gdb.  I find this pretty hard to do, though.  I tend to allocate more and more of my time to hacking my main project at the expense of the secondary one.

When Robots Attack

Tonight we got one of the famed McCain robo-calls.  Living as we do in a swing state, I’m a bit surprised it didn’t happen earlier.

As these calls go, it wasn’t too bad.  There was only one lie, by omission.

What is weird is that, first, we’re registered Democrats.  Second, we voted by mail more than two weeks ago.  You’d think they would not have bothered.