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Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Misery of Debugging

Some days when I am debugging, I run across a bug in gdb and think, “I wish someone would fix that already”. Then I remember that I’m working on gdb now.

The Dog Said Bow Wow

Years ago I read Vacuum Flowers and loved it — it was, and remains, one of my favorite cyberpunk novels. I remember believing at the time that Swanwick was a mysterious author; I heard a rumor about a sequel to Flowers but nothing else. The other day I ran across The Dog Said Bow Wow […]

Three Bags Full

We checked out Three Bags Full from the library on a whim — Elyn grabbed it off the shelf to show to me, and I immediately thought of somehow using it to poke fun at a friend of ours who likes cat mysteries. A mystery solved by a flock of sheep sounds like the next […]