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Monthly Archives: August 2008


While we were watching a ball in a TV adaptation of Northanger Abbey last night, Elyn hit upon a genius idea: DDR Georgian Edition.  Just the thing for those Austen revival parties!

Postgres at BLUG

Despite my lackluster performance at a talk last month (about Emacs, what else?) the Boulder LUG let me attend another meeting.  Thanks! This past Thursday’s topic was PostgreSQL, presented by Kevin Kempter.  I’d say about 40 people attended, which for BLUG translates to standing room only.  Databases are a hot topic. I was fascinated by […]

Driving GDB

One goal I have for integrating Python scripting into gdb is to be able to fully control gdb from Python. I’ve made a few steps toward this recently. Today I can do: #! /home/tromey/gnu/python-gdb/build/gdb/gdb –python import sys, gdb from hack import inferior child = inferior(sys.argv) if not gdb.execute(“bt 5″) gdb.cli() This is a short […]

Therapy Aggregator

Yesterday I set up a new blog aggregator for Elyn. It is called “All About Psychotherapy and Counseling“, and aggregates blogs from various therapists, including her. Setting this stuff up is pretty easy — I used WordPress, because the hosting service makes it very, very easy to install, and because Elyn already knows how to […]

System Administration Madness

This weekend our wireless router went on the fritz, so I replaced it. Naturally, this turned into a multi-day, hair-pulling ordeal. First, the new wireless box did not play well with the DSL router. For some reason, it was apparently programmed with an extra error check, so I couldn’t get its built-in DHCP server to […]

Patch Review

Due to my recent hacking on gdb, I’ve been thinking recently about patch review. Mostly, I seem to be interested the social aspects of review; though there’s also a lot to discuss concerning the mechanics, and that would probably be a useful area for a tutorial of some kind. Here are a few guidelines I […]