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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Frysk Hacking

You may have heard that I’ve moved to the Frysk project for a while. In case you’re curious, my incremental compiler project is on hold while I do this. (I’ve lamely not blogged about the gcc summit or other things that have happened lately… I’m trying to catch up on this stuff, I hope when […]

Get Smart, Indiana Jones

The X Files: Indiana Jones started off badly. I blinked during the first scene and missed Indy’s dismal entrance; the acting and even the set in this scene was terrible; the magical physics where a wooden box makes an enormous difference in a magnetic field were annoying; and who thought of this crazy crossover anyway? […]


I’ve heard good things about this film over the years. It was even better than I had heard — funny, and also moving. I recommend it highly.