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Monthly Archives: June 2008

GCC Summit News

Right now I’m at the GCC Steering Committee Q&A panel at the summit.  There’s a new draft out of the GCC runtime license (used by libgcc, libgcj, etc).  The latest text allows for the development of GCC plugins — folks are already talking about review of the patch and how soon it can be merged […]

This Year’s T-Shirt

You can see this year’s unofficial GCC t-shirt here.  As it turns out, it fit in nicely with Ian’s second (surprise) talk about using C++ in GCC.

F9 Upgrade

A couple weeks ago I upgraded my laptop to Fedora 9. This went mostly smoothly. I used the new preupgrade tool. This downloads data needed for the upgrade while your system remains functional. Then, after the download is complete, you can reboot into anaconda for an upgrade. I gather the benefit of this is that […]

C++ Standard

I love patches like this one. This is a change to libstdc++ to reflect changes made at the lastest standard committee meeting. I think the meeting ended yesterday… a little slow, perhaps; I think last time I saw commits immediately after a vote concluded.

GCC Summit

Next week is the GCC Summit, in Ottawa. I’ll be giving a talk there about my work on the incremental compiler. That will be fun, but what I’m really looking forward to is seeing all the other GCC hackers I know. There are plenty of interesting talks on the schedule, and some cool BOFs; plus […]


Someday we’ll write a Buddhist AI who will know that its self-awareness is an illusion.

Lars and the Real Girl

Usually a movie with just one joke gets old halfway through. Not so with Lars — this was a sweet, quiet, funny movie that I enjoyed thoroughly. I recommend it.

GCC Shirt

Thanks to Elyn, my t-shirt design from last year’s GCC Summit is now available. I made a new GCC t-shirt yesterday, but you’ll have to wait for the summit to see it.