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Monthly Archives: May 2008


I was reading about PEG recently, and thinking “that is pretty interesting” — and of course it turns out that there is an Emacs implementation. It is a bit odd how primitive parsing support is in Emacs. It is one of those mysteries, like how window configuration and manipulation support can be so weak. Peculiar. […]

Would you do it again for free?

Thursday night I finally made it to a BLUG meeting. Stormy Peters from OpenLogic gave a talk titled “Would you do it again for free?” Her talk covered some familiar ground — intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, a list of motivations that free software developers claim (or that are claimed by others), the various methods of […]

Codegen Update

Since my last post, I’ve written a prototype implementation of relinking for the incremental compiler. Now, the compile server will create an object file in a cache directory. If there was a previous variant of the compiled file in the cache, it will then link the two together (using ld -r). Then, the final object […]

First Codegen Result

I tidied up my initial draft of incremental code generation so that it no longer gratuitously lowers functions which are not being recompiled. This was enough to get some results — results which are semi-bogus, due to not relinking, but which nevertheless give some idea of what can be expected. Compiler Seconds Trunk 33 Incremental, […]


The last couple weeks uncovered a few problems in the incremental compiler. First, suppose you compile a program with the incremental compiler, then recompile it. You would expect to get the same warnings as well. But — whoops — I never thought about this until a week or two ago. I hate that awful moment […]