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Random Updates

I heard about Dolt recently. This is a minimal replacement for libtool that works only on Linux. It seems like a great idea, long overdue… though of course for new programs you should just use Quagmire, which, as I’ve said before, replaces libtool with two lines of code.

I’m into lisp these days, so much so that I’ve considered ranting about it here. I’ve read CLtL2 and I plan to read another online CL book. Anyway, I ran across this funny-ish lisp comic yesterday.

Elyn’s latest blog entry made me laugh out loud.

Steve Yegge’s new javascript mode for Emacs is now in ELPA — if you use js you should check it out.

Emacs News

An awesome color theme for Emacs.

Steve Yegge wrote a new javascript mode for Emacs. I’m interested in modes that push Emacs a little and do real parsing rather than the typical (and goofy) parse-partial-sexp stuff; this one falls into that category. Semantic also does this, though more generically and perhaps with more sophistication; I think semantic parsers are born incremental. I hope to push this mode into ELPA as soon as he responds to my patch…