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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Using Python in Gdb

Today I used the Python support in gdb to do real work. Until now I’ve just been playing around, adding functionality that looked fun. My application was something I’ve wanted to be able to do in gdb for a long, long time: set a breakpoint in one function, but have the breakpoint be conditional on […]

Emacs and Threading

While once again waiting for Gnus to contact a news server, I thought: I’ll never be able to move my RSS reading into Gnus, because the delays will skyrocket. Sure, there’s nntp//rss, but that means configuring a separate program and keeping it running — and I’ve heard that this program can have a memory footprint […]

Vantage Point

This was a decent action movie, though not one I would see a second time. I suppose that puts it in the second or maybe third tier. It is film with a gimmick — it rewinds and shows the action, again, from someone else’s viewpoint. Sometimes these gimmicks are irritating, though this one didn’t bother […]

Dark Tort versus The Little Sister

A while ago I read The Little Sister, by Raymond Chandler, and also Dark Tort, by Dianne Mott Davidson. I had sworn not to read any more of Davidson’s books, but, like Marlowe, boredom and angst got the better of me. It was just sitting there, on Elyn’s side of the bed, promising relief. “Look […]

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

We had read a lukewarm review of this on imdb, but we went anyway — and loved it. The plot is a bit thin, perhaps, but the movie has a sweet heart, the cast is good, and the sets and costumes are fantastic.

Gold is released

Ian Taylor checked in the long-awaited “gold“. Gold is a new ELF-only linker written in C++. It is designed for performance and is much faster than the current binutils ld. I’m very happy about this for a few reasons. First, we’ve needed a new linker for a long, long time. Second, this will help the […]

Compile Server Scalability

There are a few aspects to compile server scalability that are important to address. First, and most obviously, memory use. Because we want to be able to send real programs through the compile server, and because we want it to remain live for relatively long periods of time, it is important that memory use be […]

Python and Gdb

Recently I’ve been hacking on integrating Python scripting support into gdb. For years now I’ve been wanting better scripting in gdb, but until I saw Volodya’s patch I never did anything about it. So, the other night I made a git repository (thanks gitorious!) and started hacking away. Thiago Bauermann did some nice updates on […]