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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Tools Happenings

There are some fun things going on in the tools arena right now. Do you read Taras Glek’s blog? He’s working on GCC Dehydra, which lets you write GCC passes in javascript. I think his work is one of the most interesting developments in the GCC world today. There are a few similar projects in […]

Using Quagmire

Over the last two weeks I’ve spent some time hacking on Quagmire. I’ve tried to add the features I think are most commonly needed, and I think now it is ready for early adopters to come on board. It isn’t at feature parity with Automake, but it does implement a large subset of Automake’s functionality: […]

Charlie Bartlett

We went to an early screening (theater release Feb 22) of Charlie Bartlett last night. It was part of BIFF, playing at the Boulder Theater. This is a pretty good teen film — funny without being a comedy. It meandered at times but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The actors are very good. Afterward […]

Soon I Will Be Invincible

Never say pomo didn’t build anything — there’s a small genre of books that take fresh looks at old stories, usually adopting the outsider point of view. Soon I Will Be Invincible is the latest such book, the story of a supervillain (Doctor Impossible) and his attempts to take over the world. I stayed up […]

27 Dresses

This film was almost completely formulaic. Perhaps, someday, an enterprising quantitative movie reviewer will come up with a way to measure the deviation of a film from its genre ideal. For instance, this movie would not score a perfect 1.0, because the boy-girl fight was a bit too brief. Don’t get the wrong impression. There […]