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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Project Quagmire

This weekend I finally registered project quagmire with Google’s code hosting service. I’ve checked in all my initial .mk files, plus a little bit of documentation. I’m a little nervous about posting this… Quagmire is still very immature, and I don’t want expectations set too high. There is still a lot to do! But, the […]

Emacs Tip: gtk-look.el

One thing I like about Emacs is that when I ask for information, the default case is that it is displayed in a section (which Emacs calls a “window”) of the window (which Emacs calls a “frame”) that I’m already focused on. What’s nice about this is that if I ask for, say, help on […]


A couple weeks ago we had to euthanize our dog Liver. She had a brain tumor and was in a lot of distress. As those of you who met her will know, Liver was a high-strung and difficult dog; it’s appropriate that she’s wearing her muzzle in the only photo I have to hand. Now, […]

PS I Love You

This was billed as a romantic comedy and, knowing nothing else about it, we went to see it over the holidays. I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much during a comedy, not even Talladega Nights. It really wasn’t what I was expecting at all… I was in the mood for light escapism. Not quite […]