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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Replacing Automake

Inspired by Ian, this past weekend I took a look at replacing the auto tools with GNU make code. Replacing automake turns out to be very easy. And, given that GNU make is everywhere now, I think it is well past time to do this. It took about 250 lines of code to get C […]


Last week I implemented anti-dependencies in the C front end. This wasn’t difficult enough to write about, but it provides an excuse to describe dependencies and incrementalism in general. The fundamental idea in speeding up the front end is that it should avoid parsing whenever possible. If we’ve already parsed a function definition in some […]

Fedora 8

Anthony was in town this past Thursday, and after talking to him I was inspired to follow his example and upgrade to Fedora 8. Like him, I did a live upgrade; but I only upgraded my laptop, which was running Fedora 7. My main machine still runs 6… I’m more cautious about upgrading it, but […]

Elyn’s Practice

Elyn’s new web site for her therapy practice is up and running. We’ve read (mostly in Psychotherapy Networker) that a web site is the second most important advertising resource for therapists, after word-of-mouth. The days of people looking for therapists in the phone book are over… another little detail of how the internet has changed […]

GCC 4.3 Hacking

I haven’t talked about the incremental compiler in a couple of weeks — first I was out of town, and then I was sick. And then yesterday, I put it off… I don’t want to be that way, but the truth is for the last couple of weeks I haven’t been working on this project […]

Emacs Users

There was some talk on the emacs-help list about a map of Emacs users. This was also picked up by the Minor Emacs Wizardry blog. Today I thought it would be fun to make a Google map that fetched data live from the Emacs Wiki — so here it is.

The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson seems to be converging on his own formula — an outstanding palette and excellent visual composition, meandering adventures, humor mixed with sorrow, and protagonists disconnected from the world and, often, their fathers. This one moved me emotionally a bit, though not as much as Aquatic. I didn’t enjoy the “short” at the beginning.