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Monthly Archives: October 2007


Tom Fitzsimmons showed me Conkeror while I was up in Toronto this past week. It is chrome for firefox that acts like Emacs. It features Emacs-style key bindings, including M-x and prefix arguments, numbered links, and buffer-style browsing. Developer quote from the web site: “To make sure Conkeror remains pure, I do not own a […]

Threaded GCC

This past week I spent playing around with making the C front end multi-threaded. What this means in particular is that the compile server makes a new thread for each incoming compilation request; the threads are largely independent but do share some results of parsing. Parts of this work are, I think, reasonably clean. Making […]


Last night I had a long dream that I was working on the TV pilot for “Criss Angel Investor MindFreak”. As I recall he was rather difficult to deal with. I woke up tired.

External Refactoring

Many years ago I looked at changing Emacs to have an incremental garbage collector. An incremental GC requires a write barrier, which means that I wanted to insert some instructions at every point that mutated a lisp object. However, Emacs’ style at the time used macros to access fields of lisp objects, and these macros […]

Friday GCC Update

I haven’t been blogging much lately, at least partly because I’ve been having fun hacking on GCC. Mark pointed out, though, that I should blog regularly about my progress so people know what is happening. I’ve got the basic compile server running. Recently I’ve been fixing bugs in it. I’m not seeing the mind-blowing 2x […]