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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Colorado Autumn

A few days ago we went up to Estes with my folks to hear the elk bugle. On the way home we got to see two bull elk fighting over a harem. We were close enough to hear their antlers clash. Then yesterday Elyn and I went up to Brainard Lake and finally made it […]


Most of my big projects seem to go through a “fan out” phase, where the to-do list grows very quickly. This is a scary phase of the project — one where it feels as though things are accelerating out of control, and where success seems as though it could be in doubt. The compiler seems […]

First Success

I just managed to get through an ordinary make of a real program (zenity, which for some reason is my standard test) using gcc as a server. Yay! It is, as predicted, about twice as fast as an ordinary make. Now pile on the caveats.

Compiler Progress

I’ve been working steadily on the incremental compiler project these last couple of months, but not blogging about it. So, time for a status report. I made a branch in the GCC repository, cleaned up my existing patches, and checked it all in. There’s a short web page describing the project on the GCC wiki […]

Dessert Sushi

We’ve been making (vegetarian) sushi lately and a month ago or so I had the idea to make dessert sushi. “I’m a top-chef-worthy genius,” I thought. “Gordon Ramsay will never call me a donkey!” Of course then I googled and found that only a couple million people did this first. Then when he was visiting, […]

Death at a Funeral

The title of this movie brought to mind the title of Chris Shera’s PhD thesis, “listening to the ear”. There were a couple moments where this film appeared ready to veer into the dark and disturbing. But, luckily (and I hope this doesn’t spoil it for you — perhaps someone enjoys that feeling), it did […]