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I heard this was hilarious and great, so I went to see it. It is pretty funny (but not hilarious) and the actors do a very good job. It is kind of vulgar and not always in a funny way.


Comcast had a trial offer where you could get a DVR machine rent-free for a year, so we dropped by their office and picked one up. These machines are as nice as people say — much, much friendlier than plain TV or VCRs. It only took a couple of weeks for it to change how I watch TV.

While playing with it, though, I’m reminded once again why I first turned to free software all those years ago. I’d like to be able to hack the machine a little… say, upload my favorite DVDs, or add more disk space, or get a second one and be able to share videos between the two.

Maybe I should get a Neuros OSD box. Anybody try one of these? Or of course I could set up MythTV, though that seems more expensive (given that I have basically no usable hardware).

Bourne Ultimatum

A solid addition to the Bourne series. I’ve enjoyed all of these, they are some of my favorite action films. The story in this one is a bit flimsier than the others, but no matter. I got what I was expecting when I bought my ticket.

Incidentally, a few years ago, after the first movie, I read The Bourne Identity. Awful book. Avoid it if you can.

Mount Ida

Last weekend we stayed in Estes Park and were finally able to get to the Mount Ida trailhead early enough to summit. We’ve been trying to do this for a few years but usually arrive too late, and get scared off by the weather. Here’s a photo of Elyn on the summit; you can see the gathering storm. We got down below treeline just as the lightning started.

Elyn on Mount Ida

The Simpsons

This had a lot of funny moments but was somehow less funny than I was expecting. It doesn’t matter, though, since watching it is mandatory.