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Monthly Archives: July 2007

That Handy Math Education

Elyn and I made a whole-wheat pasta Mobius strip:

GCC Summit 2007

The 2007 GCC Summit just ended; all that’s left is the wrap party. Lately I haven’t been too interested in writing up comprehensive trip reports (but if you liked that style, post a comment — I’d like to know), and instead I’m just going to write about the bits I found particularly interesting. Overall the […]

GCC Summit + Fedora 7

I’m headed to the GCC Summit this week, with a trip to the office in Toronto thrown in. In preparation for the trip, I posted a short note about the incremental compiler project to the GCC list. These posts are always a bit stressful, since I spend a few hours checking email and waiting anxiously […]


And odd movie in many ways. I had trouble understanding the actors’ accents on occasion, there were a couple scenes (particularly near the beginning) where I had no idea what was happening. However, this isn’t a big problem since there isn’t much dialog — mostly music. Shot on DV but with a powerful impact, this […]

Distributed Compiler

Andrew MacLeod had an interesting idea yesterday — make the compile server interact nicely with distcc. I’ve been thinking about this a bit, and I don’t think there are any major problems with the idea. It would be pretty simple to run a compile server on multiple machines. Maybe it would make sense to ensure […]

Another FE Test

I added “prerequisite” support to my front end prototype recently — this is code that ensures that a hunk’s contents are only re-used if all the things that the hunk depends on are also re-used. This turned out to be much simpler to implement than I had anticipated. With this I still can’t compile the […]

PCH Again

The other day Roland asked me why PCH is not a bigger win. While discussing this I realized that I didn’t try to time the very best case for PCH. So, I looked at a couple more things. First, I spent some time munging the output of -ftime-report and making graphs with gnuplot. I thought […]