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Monthly Archives: June 2007


Today I’ve been thinking about a problem I’ve run across in my compiler front end work. The problem is a technical issue having to do with how the C compiler is implemented. Currently if there are multiple declarations for an object, the compiler might modify one of the declarations in place. This causes problems when […]


I added the needed multi-hunk processing to my front end hack, to try to be able to compile parts of GCC. What this means is that if a construct (say, an enum) spans multiple file changes, the parser will now notice this and record it properly. If a subsequent parse sees the same starting hunk, […]

Sharing Parsed Headers

One component of the incremental compiler is re-using parsed header files. In fact, for C++ this is where I expect to gain performance improvements in the “normal compilation” case. A couple weeks ago I realized that I could easily try this idea, for C, by implementing parts of it and then testing it using –combine. […]

Regina Spektor

Thanks to Gary I’ve been listening to Regina Spektor lately — I’ve been loving her music.


I love hearing the odd details of how other people work. Usually I’m hoping to learn something that will help me be more productive, and, if not, to hear about something delightfully awful, convoluted, and obscure. Talking to Roland at JavaOne yielded a nice mix of both. One interesting thing is that he uses full-text […]

Word Swirl and IE

Thanks to Jeroen Frijters, Word Swirl now works on IE.

Front End Stuff

I’ve been digging through GCC’s C front end the last couple of weeks, trying to understand how it works and how feasible some parts of my project are. The parser itself is nice. It is a hand-written recursive descent parser, which means that it is “just plain code” and thus simple to debug. It is […]

Ocean’s 13

My brother called this “Ocean’s 11.5″. I was disappointed by 12 — having the plot be a pointless, artificial contest was, in my opinion, a big cop-out by the writers. Also it was a bit incoherent at points, with a bit too much dialog left implied. 13 takes a stab at avoiding these problems. The […]

Word Swirl

Here’s Word Swirl, a dictionary-based game you can play in your web browser. You get points for every word you can find, and if you find a word that uses all the letters you will be able to go to the next round. You can use the space bar to rearrange your letters. My sister […]

Knocked Up

Steve said he thought this movie was hilarious and he laughed all the way through it. I don’t really understand how that is possible. It was funny in parts, occasionally too crude for my taste, but then also occasionally touching.