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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Web 2.0.3

Every time I read about a new Web 2.0 application, or Y Combinator boot camp, or anything ending in “oogle”, I lose a little piece of my mind. Over time this adds up and I start thinking strange, crazy thoughts, like “maybe I should rewrite Automake as a set of GNU Make include files”. Occasionally […]

C++ noodling

A while back I spent a little time playing with g++, trying to understand compilation performance. For this experiment I tried to measure how much speedup a “model-based” compiler could expect to achieve. I compiled my test program a few different ways. I timed compilation of a plain build (more or less a “make”) both […]

GCC 4.2

GCC 4.2 was released a few days ago. Here’s the list of changes. Congratulations to everybody who worked on this, and especially to Mark Mitchell for once again doing the release engineering work. Different parts of GCC evolve at different rates, and due to some quirks of timing, it turns out that the gcj parts […]

Post Java One

I’m back from Java One — what a crazy week! I’m a bit wary of thanking people; there are many people deserving appreciation and I would hate to leave someone out. I suppose I must try, and bear the consequences. So, special thanks to Tom Marble, Onno Kluyt, Rich Sands, Mark Reinhold, Simon Phipps, and […]

Java One

Java One is huge, much huger than I’d imagined. The opening keynote had a steady stream of corporate luminaries onstage to talk about their Java-related plans. Many thanks to Bruno for saving us some great seats — and also to Tom Marble for making the effort to include me in the various goings on. The […]

Sleep is Optional

Saturday night Onno or Tom (Marble) or Rich told me that, at JavaOne, sleep is optional. Then we promptly set about trying to live the dream, staying up until far too late talking and wandering San Francisco — a great time being had by all, or at least me. I finally got to meet Casey […]

Java GUI Stuff

There seems to be some action in the Java GUI world right now. I was quite surprised by how many Swing talks there are at JavaOne. AB5K is desktop widgets in Java, using JNLP — one of my favorite under-used technologies. The web site looks nice but they don’t seem to have many widgets yet. […]

Hot Fuzz

This documentary is a shocking expose of what is hidden behind the carefully crafted facade of English country villages. While a bit gory at times it was hilarious — better than Shawn of the Dead. Of course, I loved Super Troopers, so calibrate your expectations accordingly.