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Monthly Archives: March 2007


Tonight I went to the starting session of BarCampBoulder. It is pretty cool so far — I met a bunch of interesting people, the schedule for tomorrow looks fun, etc. Most of the folks attending seem to be doing web development of one kind or another; lots of RoR hackers around. So, considering that my […]

Fun Stuff

I’ve been doing some random hacking recently in my free time — stuff to get my mind off of the mad gcj bug fixing for F7. Mostly Emacs stuff at the moment, packaging up my recent hacks and posting them to gnu-emacs-sources. But, I’ve also done a bit of javascript hacking; I wanted to write […]

MC Prekarius

I went to see MC Prekarius the other night; he’s “the world’s first fully XHTML 1.1 compliant rapper”. It turns out I didn’t actually “see” him; he hid behind a screen emblazoned with the W3C logo, on the pretext of separating content from presentation. DJ Furbolect spun tunes onstage, in full view. He said he […]

Follow Up

Phil pointed out to me that the author of “The No Asshole Rule” has a blog. It looks pretty good, give it a read.

The No Asshole Rule

I heard of this book a few weeks ago and I bought it at the airport and read it on the plane. It is an extended defense of the idea that assholes are detrimental to working conditions in many ways and should be either retrained or gotten rid of. This is the sort of book […]


FOSDEM was as excellent this year as ever, but for me it was a bit bittersweet Seeing the other Classpath hackers is always a joy. This is the best programming community I’ve ever worked in, and so it is sad that OpenJDK is (slowly) eclipsing our efforts. On the other hand, as I’ve said before, […]

Emacs Packages

I’ve been slowly working on a simple Emacs packaging system. As I work on Emacs more, I find I want to install various packages. But, my history with Emacs shows me that I tend to leave random elisp files in my library long after they are later merged into Emacs itself. The basics of the […]


Sunday afternoon was “DevJam”, a somewhat more interactive series of sessions designed as an information exchange concerning Java and packaging. Tom Fitzsimmons started this, with an excellent presentation. He covered all of our needs very well and remembered all kinds of important things that I’d forgotten. Even though DevJam was probably the most important session, […]

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I gave a talk on Fedora and Java, in the Fedora room. I met Chitlesh Goorah there, he was organizing the Fedora stuff at FOSDEM and did a great job. Also Paul Nasrat was there (and I saw him again later in Cambridge). My talk was sparsely attended, but as Andrew pointed out, […]

Saturday Afternoon

I was a bit taken aback by Simon’s response to my previous post, I suppose since it never occurred to me that he’d actually be reading this. Anyway, to expand a bit more on the “positive focus” thing — in large part that is me writing advice to myself. Repetition helps me internalize important things […]