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Monthly Archives: February 2007


I’m in Cambridge visiting Andrew until tomorrow. Gary came up for a night as well. I got so much spam on my blog these past few days that I think I’m going to install the hashcash plugin and require posters to use javascript. I took notes at FOSDEM but I’m waiting until I get home […]

Santa Fe

I’m in Santa Fe this week. Due to some fluke we got a good deal at the St Francis hotel so we’re staying downtown. Mark Galassi, whose desktop always blossoms with odd gadgets and interesting things, showed me the electric sheep screensaver. It is awesome. Mark and the local linux user’s group also linux-ified the […]

The Other Idea

I’m still considering what to work on next. As I mentioned earlier, OpenJDK seems to be one viable option. The only other idea I have at the moment is a massive change to the C and C++ front ends to GCC. In particular I want to change the C/C++ front ends to be incremental compilers. […]

The Brief and Terrifying Reign of Phil

A very odd book that I picked up at the library on a whim. It is set in Inner Horner, a country so small that only one citizen at a time can stand there; the other Inner Hornerites stay in Outer Horner, waiting their turn. Their idyllic situation is disturbed by the transformation of a […]

2 films

It is French comedy week at IFS. On Wednesday we went to see Les Bronzés. This has been on my list of films to see for a few years; Video Station doesn’t have it. I suppose I should have been warned by the English title, “French Fried Vacation”. Anyway, it was a very 70s, plotless […]

To say nothing of the dog…

I checked this book out from the library because it had won a Hugo award. I was delightfully surprised. This book is a genre-bending mix of science fiction (the sci-fi elements were quite light), historical fiction, mystery, and romance, with a bit of humor thrown in. I thought the writing was creative, witty, and entertaining. […]

Even more Emacs tweaking

I’ve spent a bit more time tweaking Emacs this week. I finally got around to a few little projects I’ve put off literally for years — for instance, writing a little function that chooses the email delivery method based on my “From” address. For a while I had planned to do this in my MTA […]

FC 6

Last night I upgraded my main machine to Fedora Core 6. This time I upgraded using yum. It went very smoothly; the only oddities were due to weird things I had done to my machine. I’ve been running FC6 on my laptop for a while now, so I pretty much knew what to expect.

Fedora -vs- BBDB

Last night I packaged BBDB for Fedora. I submitted it to Extras. I’ve also got most of a package for ERC ready. Let me know if you want either one, I will make them available somewhere.


I’m having a retro moment and I’m moving most of my desktop to Emacs. I suppose I do these odd experiments from time to time, trying out new things; new to me anyhow. I finally have ERC set up to my liking on my secondary machine. I’ll move my main ircing over to that pretty […]