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Monthly Archives: January 2007

More Emacs Notification

I’ve uploaded a new status.el. This update rationalizes the API a little bit. I’ve also uploaded erc-status.el, which enables notification area functionality for ERC. With this enabled, if someone says your name in a channel, the notification area icon will blink. And, if your connection is disrupted, you will get a notice.


Mark suggested I upload my Emacs hack, so here is status.el. You will need to build your own zenity with my patch applied. And, you will need to hack a couple of path names in status.el in order for it to work on your machine. The doc strings in the code explain how to use […]

Emacs versus notification area

I’ve occasionally wanted Emacs to be able to put an icon into the status area, so that I can set it up to notify me when interesting things happen; say, when a compilation finishes. I’ve also been thinking of moving my calendar into Emacs, and I didn’t want to lose out on Evolution’s nice appointment […]


In this long-awaited final episode in the Smoke trilogy, Harvey Keitel reprises his role as Auggie Wren, and Roberto Benigni joins the cast as the failed carnival clown Oliver Banjo. Together with a miniature — and perhaps imaginary — elephant, the two enter an epic but doomed quest to win the world series of poker.

Hotspot info

Tom Marble points out that there is some intro-to-Hotspot documentation on the web. There’s even a nice section about the interpreter. The statement about a switch statement performing repeated compares seems bogus. A dense switch like this will be a table jump, I’d imagine. But, whatever… plain switch-based interpreters are well-known to be slow.


I took my first glance through Hotspot recently. I’m vaguely curious to see what it would take to port it to PowerPC, not because I have a particular love for that architecture, but because it is important for switching Fedora and RHEL from GCJ to OpenJDK. Also, I’m spending a bit of time researching what […]


Roman writes disparagingly of proposals to add properties to Java. Properties seemed cool when I first heard about them. They seem like a nice tool for maintaining source compatibility — for allowing local refactorings between fields and methods, without requiring massive changes to the rest of the code. In gcjx, I used something a bit […]

In the Miso Soup

My friend David is a big fan of Haruki Murakami, so when I was at the library I picked up In the Miso Soup — a book by a completely different person who happens to share the same last name. If this were a movie I would describe it as Lost in Translation meets Henry: […]

Emacs Tip

Both Andrew Cowie and Behdad wrote recently about spell-checking comments in code. I thought it would be worth pointing out that Emacs can do this for you while you type. Try M-x flyspell-prog-mode. I enable this in various hooks so that is on by default when I’m hacking C, Java, Python, etc.