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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Talladega Nights

We were in the mood to see something silly, so last night we rented Talladega Nights. This movie is really long. The funniest part was after it ended, when I started dreaming up ways to get my revenge on Will Ferrell.

Little Miss Sunshine

We rented Little Miss Sunshine the other day. This is the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I think I’m going to watch it a second time.

How useful are generics?

Recently Classpath’s generics branch was merged to be the main line. This means all future Classpath releases will use generics, and now we’re free to use other Java 5 features in the Classpath source. When we started the generics branch we made a conscious decision to do a “shallow” translation to generics — we rewrote […]

Open javac

Today I checked out the newly-free javac and built it with (heresy?) Eclipse. Aside from waiting for it to build (this machine is a bit over-taxed at the moment), this only took a few minutes to set up. I read through it a little bit, but not extensively. Overall it seems well done… easy to […]


Since I heard about it on the local tv news last week, I’ve been reading a bit of Pond Patrol. The writing isn’t too hot, but the photos are fun and it is made in Denver. Benjamin directed me to vertical gardens. The wallpaper garden is super cool. Since Christmas is approaching, turducken is once […]

Sun Frees Java

I was out of town on my honeymoon (it was excellent, thank you very much) when Sun announced their choice of license for open source — or should I say free software? — Java. A few people have written to ask me my opinion on the topic, and rather more people have asked about the […]

Casino Royale

This latest Bond film makes a few long-needed changes to the formula.Historically I think the Bond franchise has been successful because, like McDonald’s, it delivers a fairly standard product which is “good enough”. The typical Bond film involves an action-packed opening sequence, silly dialog, pretty women with ridiculous names, gadgetry, and a bad-guy blood bath. […]